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To become a Diplomate, you need to fulfil the criteria below:

1. Have achieved distinction in the field and have qualifications achieved by training and experience far exceeding those proposed as necessary for candidates to take the certifying examination of the organization.
2. Be initiators in their field.
3. Be internationally recognized as a qualified specialist by peers, and
i. have at least ten years experience practicing the speciality and by teaching, research, and practice have contributed significantly to the development of the speciality, and
ii. have advanced training (at European Qualifications Framework, level 8) in the speciality; have demonstrated competency through teaching, research and practice in the speciality to which the individual devotes most of his or her professional time, and
iii. be author of at least ten significant publications in peer-reviewed journals resulting from the research or practice in the specialty.
4. Be uncontroversial to the majority of the membership.
5. Spend at least 60 per cent of their time practicing the speciality, based on a normal working week of 40 hours, for the last at least 10 years.
6. Be practicing in Europe.
7. Practice scientific, evidence-based veterinary medicine, which complies with animal welfare legislation.
8. Display the willingness to contribute to the growth of the College (e.g. by training residents).
9. Apply high level knowledge and skills at the forefront of his/her specialist area of Aquatic Animal Health to their own professional work.
10. Perform at a high level of competency through teaching, research and practice in their speciality area.
11. Promote aptitude and proficiency in the field of Aquatic Animal Health.
12. Demonstrate the ability to communicate their ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist clients and audiences.

EBVS Reference letter

Evaluation of those becoming Diplomates of a College, as well as re-certification of all Diplomates, is an undoubtedly important part of maintaining EBVS Colleges’ high standards. For quality assurance purposes, reference letters are a necessary part of the evaluation/re-certification process in order to have third parties attest to a Diplomate’s good standing within the profession, and his or her continued activity in the speciality.

The following Reference letter form is to be used by two Referees in support of:
Founding Diplomates
De facto Diplomates
Re-certification of Diplomates
Diplomates of non-EBVS recognised Colleges (“Diplomates by equivalent exam”).
Veterinarians internationally recognised in the field of a College, when applying to sit the College’s examination without prior completion of a Residency programme.

This form below should be completed and returned by email to the EBVS Secretariat (for Founding diplomates; info@ebvs.eu) or to the College (for other categories; email College Secretary).

Download Reference Letter Form PDF

Download Reference Letter Form Word Doc